Why Social Project Management?

Activity Streams for Increased Productivity

In ProjExec for IBM Connections, project participants use the Project Wall, a project-centric activity stream to interact in the context of the projects that they are participating to. Project activities roll up into the Community activity stream and the Home page activity stream in IBM Connections. ProjExec posts to the IBM Connections activity stream fully supports the open social embedded experience standard, enabling project participants to interact without the need to pivot into the ProjExec application.

Activity streams are a superior paradigm to email when it comes to project communications. It is an elective form of communication that keeps project participants informed without the need to address them specifically. As a result, participants are aware at all times of important project events, issues and status. Indeed, compared to discrete status meetings, the project community is engaged in a kind of permanent virtual meeting session, which effectively compresses the idle time between different tasks or issues. The productivity gains that can be achieved as a result of adopting an enterprise social platform and activity streams for project communications are very significant. In fact, the more complex a project is and the more gains can be achieved in terms of time and cost.

Great Teams Work Together

ProjExec for IBM Connections extends the rigor of the project management process to include the flexibility and social sharing of Connections Activities. Create and track Connections Activities directly from ProjExec to collaborate on project tasks and issues. Start with a task, issue or change request in ProjExec and create Activities to help organize the task, plan next steps, and execute faster.

Seamless integration with Connections Activities gives ProjExec users the ability to collaborate, organize and share the way they choose. Enjoy the benefit of a bottom-up approach where individuals control activities coupled with top-down oversight as Project Managers track team activities related to each task, issue or work item. ProjExec for IBM Connections lets project team members use Connections Activities to collaborate with anyone across the social network – even if the other person is not an assigned project resource or project team member.

Social Software Matters

ProjExec for IBM Connections integrates the social sharing capabilities of IBM Connections in the project context.

  • Use IBM Connections Files to share project documents and information
  • Use IBM Connections Communities to network across projects and organizations with people who share your interests or skills
  • Use IBM Connections Activities to collaborate with external users without including them as part of the project
  • Updates from IBM Connections Blog, Wiki, Bookmarks and Profiles as well as project events from thr ProjExec Project Wall feed automatically into the IBM Connections Activity Stream and support Open Social Embedded Experiences