Social Gantt

The new Generation Planning Tool

Social Gantt

ProjExec for IBM Connections features Social Gantt, a first-of-its-kind, socially-enabled project-planning and tracking tool that also facilitates social interactions in context for social project managers.

The Collaborative Gantt Planning Tool

A collaborative project planning tool allows for open, transparent dialogue, reinforcing the commitment of your project team to reach defined goals.

Increase your chances of a successful project by involving stakeholders in your planning.

Discuss Where Team Members Belong

Enter comments about tasks directly into Gantt to initiate discussion with other team members. This dramatically simplifies collaboration while streamlining the planning and rescheduling process. No more asking “Why did we push this task?”

Open to the World

Experience bi-directional integration with MS Project.

Social Gantt ensures compatibility with MS Project and other project planning tools, enabling project managers to hit the ground running with existing schedules. They can immediately leverage Social Gantt for project communications about the work at hand.


Gantt in IBM Connections: a Powerful Ally

Web-based Social Gantt is accessible directly within the IBM Connections environment, eliminating the need for desktop-based project management software and costly MS Project licenses.

Interactive, Full-Screen Gantt Charts

ProjExec Gantt charts have outstanding features that enable you to plan your projects, making it easy to strategize and reschedule. Gantt provides all the functions you need:

  • Full-screen Gantt charts
  • Drag-and-drop for editing tasks & milestones
  • Resource management
  • Multi-project ability
  • Advanced filter
  • …And much more


Easily Visualize Project Structure with WBS

ProjExec Project WBS software will provide a clear and intuitive project structure view. As large projects are not always easy to visualize, the WBS view becomes the best way to understand project granularity and gain a clear understanding of the different project phases and their current status. This helps project managers and stakeholders to better understand project progress and more easily control project execution.