Why Choose ProjExec – Project Management Software?

Social Project Management for the Social Enterprise

ProjExec for IBM Connections is a social project management software that seamlessly integrates rigorous project processes directly with IBM Connections. IBM Connections is a leading social platform empowers your workforce to develop, nurture and connect with a network of colleagues. The integration of powerful project management tools with social software designed for business makes ProjExec for IBM Connections the best Social Project Management.

Social Project Management – Software as a Service

ProjExec Live is a complete web-based social project management solution that lets you enjoy the benefits of ProjExec for IBM Connections in the cloud! The flexible on demand subscription model of ProjExec Live lets you initiate online project communities to collaborate on projects across virtual teams, customers, suppliers and partners instantaneously and at an extremely affordable price while eliminating the need to deploy the solution on-premise. Tightly integrated with IBM’s online social collaboration platform, IBM Connections Cloud (formerly IBM SmartCloud for Social Business), ProjExec Live is the premier online destination for 16 million project managers around the globe.

Get Projects Done Anytime, Anywhere with Anyone

ProjExec Live delivered as Software-as-a-Service is everything you need to manage and execute projects quickly and successfully – real-time, anytime, with anyone, from anywhere! Share, contribute, collaborate and work faster across organizational and geographic boundaries. Experience improved project performance and better project results – quickly, easily and efficiently!

No IT Hassle

Reduce risk and complexity through a hosted, managed and supported social project management solution. Reduce total cost of ownership as you enjoy uncomplicated setup, an unlimited number of projects, high-speed internet, automatic upgrades and unlimited support. Designed with social collaboration in mind, the affordable on demand service model of ProjExec Live enables distributed project teams to take advantage of social project management from anywhere and at anytime.

Find Qualified and Available Resources Fast

ProjExec for IBM Connections provides fast access to potential project resources. Search IBM Connections Profiles directly in the context of the project in ProjExec to get the right project team and the expertise you need. Quickly find the qualified resources needed to staff projects and know when resources are available.

Learn from and collaborate with experts; leverage Connections Profiles to make connections with subject matter experts and staff your projects with the key people who will insure project success.

Modern Tools for the Social Project Manager

ProjExec for IBM Connections features the Social Gantt, the first of its kind socially-enabled project planning and tracking tool that also facilitates social interactions in context for the social project manager. The Social Gantt ensures round trip compatibility with MS Project and other project planning tools enabling project managers to hit the ground running with existing schedules, thereby immediately leveraging the Social Gantt for project communications about the work at hand. The web-based Social Gantt is accessible directly from within the IBM Connections environment, eliminating the need for desktop-based project management software and costly MS Project licenses.

Plan Project with Ease

Easily break down complex projects into Milestones, tasklists, and easy resource allocation, dramatically simplify project planning

Get things done

Thanks to ProjExec Project wall, increase your team productivity and boost engagement in your projects, with efficient social collaboration

See Progress and stay on track

Get advanced streamline the project management process by viewing and reporting progress across your entire portfolio.