Project Wall

Everything You Need to Know about Ongoing Projects

ProjExec  includes the Project Wall—a unique innovation that gives a voice to everyone in the project community, from team members to project managers to partners and stakeholders. Contributions to the project community become a living project history that is visible to all. With a design that intentionally resembles the Facebook user experience, the Project Wall empowers user engagement while ensuring that security and business constraints are managed with equal importance.

The Project Wall

In ProjExec for IBM Connections, project participants use the Project Wall, a project-centric activity stream, to interact in the context of the projects in which they are participating. Project activities roll seamlessly into the community activity stream and the homepage activity stream in IBM Connections. ProjExec posts to the IBM Connections activity stream, which fully supports the open, social, embedded experience standard, thus enabling project participants to interact without the need to activate the ProjExec application.

Activity Streams

When it comes to project communications, activity streams are superior to e-mail. They function as an elective form of communication that keeps project participants informed without the need to address them individually. As a result, participants remain constantly aware of important project events, issues, and statuses. Significant productivity gains can be achieved through adoption of an enterprise-wide social platform and activity streams for project communications.

Ease of Use

Today, almost all employees use private and professional social network applications, like Facebook and LinkedIn, on a daily basis. Social media has created new behavior and communication channels that make people, actions, and relationships much more transparent and visible. We have become accustomed to accessing real-time updates anytime, anywhere. This represents a critical success factor for all projects.