Project Tracking

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Project Tracking

Get your real-time project status and anticipate where you’re going next. Spot project issues and discrepancies early in the project, and make timely management decisions with ProjExec Social Project Management software.

Reporting. Socialized.

ProjExec makes progress reporting a social experience with one-click updating of task progress from the Project Wall, your e-mail, mobile device, or the IBM connections home page. This keeps your project status up-to-date—simply and efficiently.

  • Just one click will automatically update your task status and instantly consolidate your project portfolio views.
  • Exception-based management and alerts help identify at a glance when anything is veering off-plan, so prompt corrective action can be taken.

Time Tracking & Progress Tracking

According to your organization’s specific needs and goals, ProjExec allows you to track progress in a detailed way with accurate timesheet entries—or, more simply, with higher-level progress and task-completion tracking. You decide!

Time tracking can be crucial for project managers, as they need to analyze time spent on properly forecasting and planning resources and costs. With ProjExec, team members have the capability to submit timesheets and report on task-completion progress, directly updating project plans and informing project managers about any discrepancies.

Configurable Project Reporting

We offer several built-in reporting tools for project status, project economy, and progress reports—on an individual project, on selected projects, or on the portfolio level.

  • Configurable reporting for internal/external use
  • Create your own report templates
  • Create reports in PDF, HTML or Excel
  • Make reports on the project level or on the portfolio level
  • Export data directly to CSV or XML