Project Portfolio

Accurate Overview, Better Decision-Making

Get all of the necessary information to help you make the right decision. Optimize project execution while following company strategy and goals. The ProjExec project portfolio view consolidates an overview of your ongoing project status and progress indicators such as budget, workload, and actuals.

Portfolio Management and Dashboard

The ProjExec portfolio dashboard provides an overview of all project portfolios as well as direct interaction with project managers.

Create your own project portfolio, work with your organization’s project portfolios, or create a portfolio based upon criteria like status, budget, or customers. Assign types and categories to your projects.

Work directly from the portfolio dashboard on tasks needing attention.



PPM Benefits

Using the ProjExec Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool, management can view the status of each project. Managers can analyze, prioritize, and follow up, making sure that resources are used optimally. Ensure alignment with your overall business objectives to be sure you are doing the right thing, and verify accurate project finance control to avoid any discrepancies.

Online and Social Portfolio Management

Just one click will automatically update your task status and instantly consolidate all of your project portfolio views. Exception-based management and alerts help identify at a glance when anything is veering off plan, so that prompt corrective action can be taken.

Instant access to up-to-date information makes planning and decision-making more efficient. Using decision-making tools in close conjunction with project execution increases transparency, keeps your data streamlined, and reinforces team collaboration.

Gantt and Resource Management at the Portfolio Level

Work in the ProjExec Social Gantt diagram on the portfolio level, and avoid hopping in and out of tools and files to manage projects across the organization.

Work with resource allocation across projects, and efficiently manage your available resources within your organization.