Project Execution

Get Things Done

Execute projects as you collaborate across your company. With the ProjExec Project Management tool, you can collaborate with your team on project tasks—and with colleagues from other departments on activities beyond the scope of the project, like product launch, supporting collateral, etc.…

Project Wall

In ProjExec for IBM Connections, project participants use the Project Wall, a Facebook-like, project-centric activity stream to interact within the context of projects in which they are participating. Through the unique ProjExec project wall, you can:

  • See all communication in the project stream
  • View the overall status of the project
  • Manage project tasks directly from the sidebar

Navigate easily with Gantt diagrams, shared calendar, and individual modules (issue management, change management, and reporting).

Get People Engaged

Enjoy the benefit of a bottom-up approach in which individuals control the activities—coupled with top-down oversight as project managers track team activities related to each task, issue, or work item.

Business communication in the right context (directly in Gantt) makes previous project discussions easier to find. They are saved in the right place, not just stored away in someone’s inbox. No more unmanageable ‘Reply All’ e-mail chains!

Great Teams Work Together

ProjExec for IBM Connections extends the rigor of the project management process to include flexibility and social sharing of Connections activities. Create and track Connections activities directly from ProjExec to collaborate on project tasks and issues. ProjExec for IBM Connections lets project team members use Connections activities to collaborate with anyone across the social network—even if the other person is not an assigned project resource or team member.


Document Management

Leveraging IBM Connections’ document-management capabilities, ProjExec lets you manage project-related and company-wide documents in a single place.

Discuss, tag and organize documents, upload new versions, and follow documents to stay informed about all updates in a user-friendly interface.


Go Mobile

Communicate with your colleagues, share documents, and plan and assign work with ProjExec Project Wall for mobile users on Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices.

Get a consistent, on-the-go user experience while taking part in discussions via your mobile device.

Stay in the loop—anytime, anywhere.