Optimize Resource

The Right People—Doing the Right Things

In almost every organization, multiple projects are running at the same time. Resource management is becoming increasingly important. This creates a need for continual control in order to maximize organizations’ most important assets: their human resources.

Find Qualified and Available Resources Fast

ProjExec for IBM Connections provides fast access to potential project resources. Search IBM Connections Profiles directly, in the context of the project in ProjExec, to get the right project team and expertise you need. Quickly find the qualified resources needed to staff projects, and instantly know when they become available.

Learn from and collaborate with experts. Leverage Connections Profiles to make connections with experts, and staff your projects with key people to ensure project success.


Identify and Control Resource Overload

Resource management can take a long time and can prove difficult, especially when critical resources are overbooked. This can negatively affect team productivity and motivation. The bottom line is that bad resource management creates delays, often leading to higher costs. With ProjExec, resource overload will be automatically flagged in your project plan.

Use Your Community as a Resource Pool

The ProjExec resource management module is comprehensively aligned with IBM connections. Use your existing community for your project, or create a new one based upon the project team you have put together. Share documents, wikis, and other information with your community.


Everything you Need to Manage Resources

Resource allocation and portfolio management makes it easier for the project manager and the department manager to illustrate and account for scarce resources and can be used for a discussion of re-prioritization of received projects.

  • Identify scarce resources
  • Change tasks, resource allocation and double bookings
  • Display resources for the individual project or resource across projects within the organization
  • Show conflicts and overlapping on tasks