Issue & Change Request

Get issue and change request under control

Efficient issue and change management support insure that company approved methods are utilized and appropriate processes and procedures will be used to track and manage unforeseen events. It also reinforces team spirit and good behaviour, as the transparency allows everyone to see who did what and the social features encourage feedback to your team.

Issue Management

All participants can report any issue or unforeseen event that occurs during the course of a project. As soon as a new issue is posted, the appropriate users are notified according to the defined workflow process. These users can suggest a solution for the new issue or delegate the issue resolution to someone else. If the issue requires a change to the original plan or requirements

Change Request Management

User can create a Change Request from an issue or from Scratch. A workflow process prompts the appropriate user to estimate the impact of the change and approve any change before the project schedule is updated. Note that issue types are fully customizable. You can define the fields and associated information that characterize issues specific to your business. (See Quick links/ New issue type)

Customizable Workflows and Forms

We know that every project and company is different. That’s why we let you track what matters most to your business. With ProjExec issue management, you can design your own application. Define new categories to be tracked, or identify bugs, risks, and investment requests. Design your own forms and scorecards, customize workflow, and access full control of the process