Email Integration

Access Project Data Directly from  your Lotus Notes or Outlook Client


IBM Lotus Notes Integration

Work from your email client!

The speed, complexity, and scope of modern work means e-mail is no longer up to the task. Figuring out what needs to be done, getting it all on the same page, and finding the right information via e-mail is, at best, an inefficient process. ProjExec helps teams organize work chaos, adding value to their e-mail clients. ProjExec ensures that e-mails, project communications, tasks, and activities are all in one place, so everything is actionable and transparent. When less time is spent accessing information, you’ll have more time to get work done.

Feature Rich Email Plugin, to Simplify Daily Work


With ProjExec plugin for IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook add-in, you can :

  • Add comments to the project wall.
  • View and update your tasks
  • View actions items and issues
  • Add documents to the projects
  • View Project Portfolio




Microsoft Outlook Integration

Easy to Use and Easy to Install


It takes just 3 minutes to add incredible value to your favorite e-mail client. Simply download the ProjExec widget for IBM Lotus Notes or the ProjExec add-on for Microsoft Outlook, and enable them in your e-mail client. No “exe” file required.