IBM Connections Integration

Everything You Need to Manage Your Project Directly—in IBM Connections.

ProjExec for IBM Connections integrates the social sharing capabilities of IBM Connections within the context of your project.

  • Use IBM Connections files to share project documents and information.
  • Receive updates from the IBM Connections blog, wiki, bookmarks, profiles, and project events. The ProjExec Project Wall feeds automatically into the IBM Connections activity stream, supporting an open, social, embedded experience.
  • Use IBM Connections communities to network across projects and organizations, with people who share your interests and skills.
  • Use IBM Connections activities to collaborate with external users, without including them as part of the project.

The Logical Next Step with IBM Connections

ProjExec for IBM Connections is the first and only social business application that seamlessly integrates your rigorous project process directly with IBM Connections.

The integration of powerful project management tools with social software specifically designed for business makes ProjExec for IBM Connections a valuable part of true social project management.

Project Community Widget

ProjExec widgets allows IBM Connections users to extend their user experience, keeping key project information constantly available. You can update your project status directly from your IBM Connections homepage, without having to access the project environment.


Integration With IBM Connections Activity Streams

With ProjExec for IBM Connections, project activities roll seamlessly into the community and homepage activity streams. ProjExec posts to the IBM Connections activity stream fully support the open, socially-embedded standard, enabling project participants to interact without having to access the ProjExec application.