Go Social – Share Information

Project Management is Social by Nature

Go Social!

Project is by nature a social collaboration, meaning, multiple people interact and share information to achieve any common goal. With ProjExec go over standard email collaboration and discover a natural environment where collaboration and social dissemination of information are made easier by current innovations.

How easy is it to communicate with social networks like Facebook? Imagine putting the power of enterprise social networking into your daily project activities!

Putting the “Social” into Project Management

Social project management is about people. It empowers individuals to directly engage in the project management process. Participation is critical, not only for the sharing of project information, but also for building social relationships between project team members and stakeholders for the collective benefit of all participants. Social project management embodies the social networking paradigm that now dominates the way people create connections and conduct conversations over the Internet.

Why Social Project Management Is Key To Your Success

We all understand that drawing up a great plan at the beginning of a project is not enough. Allowing people to work together to share information, report issues, and update the rest of the team is essential. In fact, this is what our jobs are made of. We need tools to support our daily work—and not just the most technical aspects, like splitting tasks or optimizing resources. This is why ProjExec Widgets allows IBM Connections users to extend their user experience. They always have key project information available, and can update their project status directly from the IBM Connections home page, without having to access the project environment.

Activity Stream

The Activity Stream is a unified, interactive update feed in which all changes and new additions to the intranet can be seen. The Activity Stream covers all production, social, and mixed-function sections of the intranet. Each employee remains aware of what is going on, contributes to discussions, and, most importantly, chooses the types of updates to display. The Activity Stream can be personalized by each user.

ProjExec fully supports and leverages the IBM Connections activity stream to provide users with real-time updates and smart project tracking.

What Social Project Management Means

Social project management, embedded in the organization’s social platform, provides:

  • Collaboration and communication
  • Transparent information-sharing
  • Social-media-inspired tools (similar to Facebook)
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use features