They all get their project done within IBM connections

New Product Development

The Challenge: Organize and facilitate team work and collaboration of dozens of specialists and various departments (Production, Purchasing, Sales) involved in the development of new products

 The result: 1) Teams became proactive and the total project execution time was reduced by 30%2) Time needed by project managers for project review was reduced by 50% 3) Very short ROI period

Additional benefits: The project platform is also used by Marketing and HR teams to manage their specific needs.

Grand Marnier

The Challenge: Optimize time-to-market of several dozen new products every year

 The result:

1) Efficient task tracking with clear visibility of go-to-market dates

2) Easy macroscopic vision of overall progress3) Seamless project collaboration and document-sharing 

Note: ProjExec has been adopted as the standard tool for managing product development projects in the entire group.




Great companies Rely on Projexec

IT Services

IT Team

Manage resources budget and control portfolios to stay aligned with company strategy and objectives. All the tools you need directly in your company Social environment.



Insure respect of industry process and methodology (Gates, APQP,…). Manage short and long project including complex sub-projects and sub-contracting.



The only Project Management solution on IBM Connections Management software with a completely new Social approach, including all tools you need to successfully manage your projects.

With ProjExec Apreva have been able to:

  • Manage resource allocation and availability- Manage Project Budget (Definition and Tracking)
  • Manage APREVA Projects Portfolio, with automatic consolidation, and Progress Reports. Portfolio tracking via Smartphone was great for user adoption
  • Have a unify tool for Planning, Document management and unforeseen events management.
  • Give all of all team members a clear visibility of project status, and what are the next steps.