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Soluster European Competency for ProjExec

Soluster is a value-added partner for software editors, especially in IBM ISV, who want to speed up their penetration of the European market and consolidate their relationships with European customers. Soluster was founded in 2014 with a full team of sales, marketing, consulting and technical staff, dedicated to support the best social solutions around IBM technologies. We focus on solutions, sales, and support, from lead-generation to end-user. Our team has developed, sold, implemented, and supported award-winning project management solutions over the course of the two last decades. We have implemented PM and PMM tools and related methodologies in more than 100 companies, from Fortune 100 to smaller organizations. Solutions, sales, support, and project management are in our DNA. Our vision is to make social computing and project management a foundation of your company’s success.

An Award-winning Solution

In addition to acknowledging Trilog’s leadership in innovation through acquisition of strategic technology, IBM has also recognized Trilog’s vision of Social Project Management for Social Business with a prestigious total of 10 IBM Awards in the past 8 years.

Trilog ProjExec Editor

Founded in 1997, Trilog Group is an established leader and visionary in the IBM Collaboration Solutions community. The company is best known for inventing the innovative XSP programming model, acquired by IBM in 2004 and known today as Domino XPages.   The company then proceeded to leverage its expertise with the groundbreaking technology to fill another gap in the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio, namely project management. With the prevalence of social computing technologies and the availability of IBM’s leading enterprise social platform, Trilog created ProjExec®, an innovative social project management built on IBM social software. ProjExec adds robust project management capabilities within IBM’s enterprise social platform and cloud, which empowers project teams and helps them improve efficiencies while leveraging the collective wisdom of the enterprise social network. ProjExec’s Project Wall and Social Gantt demonstrate Trilog’s continued commitment to innovation, by delivering a Facebook-style social project experience that fosters engagement and increases productivity and visibility.

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Avenue Louis-Casaï 18 1209 Geneva Switzerland Phone: +41 22 55 22 230 Email: info@soluster.com


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