Project Management Made Social

Use the Power of IBM Connections

A Real Alternative to MS-Project

Get the best of IBM Connections, get the projects done!

Project Management Made Social

Planning is not enough! Empower your project teams with powerful social collaboration tools to achieve common goals. Read More

Use the Power of IBM Connections

Building upon the IBM Connections platform, ProjExec provides a comprehensive PM solution for leveraging all of your favorite social media platform. Read More

A Real Alternative to MS-Project

ProjExec Social Gantt delivers all functions expected by project managers, including an incredible, bi-directional integration with Microsoft Project. Read More

Execute Your Project. Get it Done!

ProjExec helps project teams and their organizations get work done by engaging team members, accelerating information-sharing, and making work observable across the enterprise’s social network—all while managing and guiding work based upon a real project plan.

Social Gantt

ProjExec for IBM Connections features Social Gantt, the first-of-its-kind, socially-enabled project-planning and tracking tool that also facilitates social interactions in-context for the social project manager.

Document Collaboration

Using an IBM Connections foundation, ProjExec provides a real, enterprise-level document repository with role-based, customizable workflow and security. Share your project (and non-project-related documents) across multiple teams—and with external individuals.

Ease of Use: the Project Wall

Why should project-management software be more complex than popular social-network software? With ProjExec Project Wall, updating your project status and getting project-related info is so easy and natural, it virtually ensures team engagement.

You have to:

  • Concentrate project information in a single tool
  • Attain greater visibility for your project
  • Engage your team
  • Achieve transparent and seamless communication
  • Adhere to your project-management standard

Our Proposition For You

  • All necessary project-management tools exist directly within IBM Connections
  • Empower your teams and project managers
  • Incredible TCO leveraging for your IT infrastructure
  • Support and enforce PMI, Gate process, and other PM methodologies

Success Stories

“ProjExec will allow us to save
203,000 man hours over the
course of the project compared to
our current collaborative project
management solution .”



“ProjExec for IBM SmartCloud allows us to do an implementation in 40 countries with teams across three regions within only a few months time. The ability to have access gives our clients confidence in the process and confidence in us.”


“ProjExec augments our IBM Connections deployment allowing us to coordinate complex projects across our geographies.”



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